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RYBA Travel Families - URGENT

Please submit the online survey that was included in the travel email sent to parents on Saturday, May 23.  

May 19 Situation UPDATE

Baseball Families,

RYBA knows our baseball community is eager for the RYBA board to make a final decision on the 2020 youth house & travel seasons.  The RYBA board met again on May 19 and has been in frequent contact with the MN Youth Sports Commission.   

The Sports Commission has been meeting with the governor's office on a regular basis, and has informed RYBA today that Governor Walz is expected to provide a formal update on youth sports either May 20 or 21.   We're hopeful that RYBA will then be in a position to formulate more detailed plans regarding both house and travel programs.

RYBA will provide additional communications to house and travel families as soon as we're able to digest the governor's decision/guidelines, and determine the impact to season start/finish dates, team formation, safety guidelines/rules, tournament dates, etc. For travel, we also require close coordination with the travel league officials.  We fully recognize our window is shortening and that we need to make decisions as soon as possible so families can plan their summers.

RYBA understands that some families may choose not to return to baseball this season for personal and/or safety reasons. We will respect each family's decision, and will not hold it against them this season or in future seasons.  RYBA will also offer a refund option for your paid registration fees in the event that you decide not to play baseball this summer.


RYBA Families,

The RYBA Apparel Store is now open and can be accessed here:

Payment can be made online and orders can be picked up within 24 hours.  Limited quantities are available for some of the items.

2020 Rochester Baseball Tournaments

Registration Open - Please use MBT website to register at this time to check for age/level availability. Click the "Travel" tab above and select "Tournaments" for more information.

2020 Information Quick Links: