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RYBA 2018 Winterball Program



2018 Dome Dates and Times

NOTE: All Dates Are Sundays

Session 1:  January 7 

2nd/3rd Grade: 6 - 7:30 pm

4th/5th Grade: 7:30 - 9 pm

Session 2:  January 14 

2nd/3rd Grade: 7-8 pm

4th/5th Grade: 8-9 pm


Session 3:   January 21

2nd/3rd Grade: 6 - 7:30 pm

4th/5th Grade: 7:30 - 9 pm


Session 4:  January 28

2nd/3rd Grade: 6 - 7:30 pm

4th/5th Grade: 7:30 - 9 pm


Session 5:  February 4



Session 5:  February 11

2nd/3rd Grade: 6 - 7:30 pm

4th/5th Grade: 7:30 - 9 pm


Session 6:  February 18

2nd/3rd Grade: 6 - 7:30 pm

4th/5th Grade: 7:30 - 9 pm



2/3 will have two weeks of instruction followed by 4 weeks of scrimmages!

Register your player to experience a fun atmosphere in preparing for the upcoming baseball season on Sunday evenings in early 2016 utilizing the indoor facilities of the Rochester Regional Sports Dome (the Bubble).

Join RYBA at the Dome in Rochester offering a total of six dates of baseball.  Sessions will be scrimmage only for 4/5 and 6/7 age groups.  There will two weeks of skills development for the 2/3 age group, followed by 4 weeks of scrimmages. 
Register early as there is a limit to the number of openings in each age group: (120) for 2nd/3rd grade, (108) for 4th/5th grade & (72) for 6th/7th grade.

Registration Fees

2nd/3rd Graders:   $75

4th-5th Graders:   $75

6th-7th Graders:   $85

  • All players at any skill level in 2nd through 7th grade are eligible and can register to play in this league.
  • Register early as each age group has limited number of openings: (120) for 2nd/3rd grade, (108) for 4th/5th grade & (72) for 6th/7th grade.


  • Each Player and Head Coach will be provided a Winterball Shirt.
  • A Helmet and a Glove are required. 
  • A Bat if you have one (not required).
  • Plastic Cleats (no metal spikes), or athletic / running shoes are ok.
  • Baseball Pants of any color or track pants
  • Recommend wearing a Long Sleeve Shirt (temperature in the Dome is cool, but not cold).


Winterball Coaches

If you are interested in helping as a Winterball coach, please go to the Coaches tab and submit your application for 2018. The Coach Registration is an annual event, and this will also cover you for other activities such as House, All Star, Traveling, and Fallball. We will select Winterball coaches from the list of 2018 Registered Coaches.  Thank you.

Winterball Contact Information

Andy Davick/ Paul Gronholz

RYBA Winter Ball Coordinators

Andrew Davick

RYBA President

Chris Powell

RYBA Past President

Winterball make up Sessions

In the event of a reschedule due to Inclement Weather, the Make up Session will be posted here

Notifications will typically be: KTTC, RCTC Field Crew, RCTC Coaches, and an email sent to registered players.


Reschedule; decision to be made by 2 pm.

Winter weather advisory.

Decision approximately 2pm Sunday.

Lost and Found

If you or your son left some gear behind at a Winterball Session such as a Glove, Bat, Coat, or Hat, we will bring the gear to next session and have it in the center prior to starting.


Date: Status, Qty, Item.


All unclaimed gear will be relocated / available throughout the spring summer at the Shack / RBC Consession Stand

Scholarship - Financial Aid

Winterball is one of RYBA main fund raisers. The money's raised through Winterball are used by RYBA to help fund Field Maintenance, Umpires, Baseballs, Facilities and Concessions. With this in mind, scholarships are offered for the Spring / Summer House and Traveling Leagues, RYBA does not offer financial aid or scholarships into Winterball. Thank you.

Plan to have Winterball Teams formed and T-Shirts ordered

T-Shirts to be ordered on TBD.

If a player is registered after January 1st, we will do our best to provide a Winterball shirt, although circumstances may arise that we can not guarantee a Winterball shirt will be provided. 


Try our Q&A (Questions and Answers) section. It has an excellent list of the most common questions. We will continue to build upon it as we see trends in the type of information we are missing!

Looking for contacts?

For general board contact information, see our CONTACTs link.