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Challenge Tournament Page

2019 House Tournament

Please note that location and times may change slightly prior to the tournament.



SCHEELS Klampe Memorial Tournament




May 31 - June 2, 2019

June 14 - June 16, 2019

June 21 - June 23, 2019

Age/Levels Participating in This Tournament

10AAA, 10AA, 12AAA, 12AA, 14AA

Ages/Levels Participating in This Tournament

9AAA, 9AA, 10A, 11A, 12A, 13A, 15AA

Ages/Levels Participating in This Tournament

 11AAA, 11AA, 13AAA, 13AA, 14AAA

2019 Tournament(s) Director:

Andrew Davick

Phone: 507-993-0247

2019 Rochester Baseball Tournaments Registration Info

Rochester is a great tournament for your team and families to travel to and spend the weekend. We pride ourselves on well kept facilities and are committed to running a 1st class tournament. We are well equipped to handle weather and always put forth our best efforts to complete the tournament.   

StatusTournament registration will open soon. 

Features: All tournaments are a 3 game guarantee


Rochester Traveling Tournament Hotels


Hotel list with Rochester Classic, Challenge, and Klampe with special tournament pricing.  Click on this link


Rochester Baseball Tournaments

Thank you for registering your team to play in our tournament! We strive to provide a top notch experience for all teams and we hope you enjoy your time in Rochester.

All information will be available via the tournament website and can be accessed by any internet connected device. Once all "Pool Play" scores are reported and verified, bracket seeds will be determined based on MBT tiebreaking rules!

           1. Head to head 
            2. Least number of runs allowed against tied teams 
            3. Run differential against tied teams (maximum plus or minus 10 run) 
            4. Least number of runs allowed in total pool play 
            5. Run differential in total pool play (maximum plus or minus 10 run) 
            6. Coin toss 

Rules: We use MBT Qualifier Rules in addition to our Supplemental Rules.

     - Please Note: There are no extra innings in pool play.


Weather Policy

With tournaments hosting as many as 70 teams, weather can cause a big problem! Over the years our organization has become uniquely equipped and prepared to mitigate most weather scenarios. In most instances, we simply face a short delay while we wait out the weather and repair the fields. In the event of a major storm, we simply ask that teams remain patient and continue to check the tournament website for updates. As soon as decisions are made by the tournament director, they will be posted online.