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House Frequently Asked Questions

What grade should I register my child for?

Your child should be registered for the grade level they are currently in.  For summer baseball, it will be the grade they just completed.  

Example: Your child is currently in 2nd grade.  You should register for 2nd grade summer baseball.

What night does my child play baseball?

Mondays and Wednesdays:
Grades: K, 2, 4, 6/7 minors

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Grades: 1, 3, 5, 6/7 majors, 8/9

When does the 2019 summer baseball season start and end?

Start dates:
05/20/2019 - Grades 4, 6/7 minors, 8/9
05/21/2019 - Grades 5, 6/7 majors
06/03/2019 - Grades K, 2
06/04/2019 - Grades 1, 3

End dates:
07/17/2019 - Grades 4, 6/7 minors, 8/9
07/18/2019 - Grades 5, 6/7 majors
07/24/2019 - Grades K, 2
07/25/2019 - Grades 1, 3

What time are games and practices?

Game times:

  • K, 1, 2, 3 - 6:00pm
  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - 5:45pm

1 hour before game time

What are the dates of the tournaments at the end of the season?

Year end tournament:
07/19/2019-07/21/2019: Grades 4, 5, 6/7, 8/9

Optional year end tournament:
07/26/2019-07/28/2019: Grades 2, 3

All-Star Weekend:
07/26/2019-07/28/2019: Grades 4, 5, 6/7, 8/9

How much does summer house baseball cost?

K: $75
1: $75
2: $90
3: $90
4: $140
5: $140
6: $140
7: $140
8: $140
9: $140

The maximum registration fee per family is $360, not including travel fees.

When does registration close?

For Grades K-3:
•While we cannot guarantee team rosters, please register by May 6th for consideration of school/neighborhood placement and special requests. If you register after May 6th, placement on a team will be by availability.
•No refunds for grades K-3 after May 6th. Requests for refunds received prior to May 6th may be considered and if approved by the RYBA treasurer, will be reduced by a $10 processing fee.

For Grades 4-9: 
•While we cannot guarantee team rosters, register by April 15th for consideration of school/neighborhood placement, special requests, and to participate in Grades 6/7 and 8/9 Tryouts. If you register after April 15th, placement on a team will be by availability
•No refunds for grades 4-9 after April 15th. Requests for refunds received prior to April 15th may be considered and if approved by the RYBA treasurer, will be reduced by a $10 processing fee. 

I am having trouble with registering my child. What do I do?

SportsEngine recommends using Chrome or Firefox to access the registration page.  If you are still having trouble and you tried restarting your computer, using a different computer altogether, or registering on your phone, you will need to contact SportsEngine directly.

What equipment does my child need?

Baseball pants
Bat (recommended)
Cleats (recommended)

RYBA provides each team with team shirts and hats.

What type of bat can my child use?

Please see the House Rules for specific grade level bat rules.  Click on the PDF for your child's grade and scroll down to the section on bats.

My child will be in kindergarten this upcoming fall. Can they still play in Kinderball this year?

Yes.  You can register your child for Kinderball even if they are not currently in kindergarten.  Keep in mind that they will potentially be the youngest player of their team and they will play two years of Kinderball then to stay with their grade level.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts for grades 6/7 are currently scheduled for the week of 04/22/2019 pending weather and field conditions.

For more information on tryouts, visit the house tryouts page.

Reminder: To participate in tryouts, you must register by 04/15/2019. Registrations received after this date will automatically be placed on a minors team. 

My child wants to play with their friends. How do I make sure that happens?

First, make sure you register by the first cut off date for your child's grade level.  If you register after that date, special requests are not considered.  Not sure what the cut off dates are?  Please read "When does registration close?".

Second, when you register your child, there is a special request box.  Please enter your special request there.  

We are moving and my child will attend a different school next year. Which school should I enter?

Enter whichever school you want your kid to be on a team with other kids from - whether that is their current school or their new school.