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RYBA House League Coaches

2017 Coaches Clinic: Dates TBA

Register to coach in RYBA

Each coach candidate must register with RYBA prior  to selection to coach. To register, select the "Coaches Registration" link.

The Registration "RYBA House League Coaches" is not currently available.

Register concussion training - required by Minnesota Law

MN State law requires all coaches and assistant coaches to complete concussion training certification.  The certification is free but must be completed by all coaches prior to the season. The education must be renewed every three years. Coaches need to understand the critical nature of head injuries and the requirements to return players to participation.

The Registration "RYBA House League Coaches" is not currently available.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Please read and adhere to our RYBA Code of Conduct

Blog Post on the CoC:


Important Coach Information

Field Expecatations: As a coach in RYBA House or traveling program, you have an expectation to take excellent care of our beautiful facilities.   To see those expectations click here.

Batting Cage & RBC Practice Infield Reservation System:  To sign up for the RBC batting cages or the practice facility, see the calendar and policy under the FIELDS tab.

As a coach, how do I deal with Team Program Equipment Needs?

If you are a coach and need to contact someone related to your House Program equipment (e.g. you missed pick-up or drop-off at the end of the year) please contact your Grade commissioner found in contacts page or our equipment manager, Steve Stromme,

Coaching tips and tools

 The K-3 Rotation document helps coaches of younger teams plan for a rotation for defensive positions throughout the game.  Alternatively, utilize a spreadsheet that you can simply add a roster of names too and will then print by name and position a game day defensive plan.

Also at the right is a sample of a pre-game practice to be used with the younger house league games.  Focus on splitting up into groups and working on fundamentals.  Grab parents in addition to coaches to help so that you can keep groups smaller and more kids active.  Kids should not stand around!

There is a document that talks about how to develop the very young pitchers and what basics to work on.

A few practice plans are provided, as well.

A pdf file is also included for the  2011 coaches clinic on Practice and Game day Organization.

Coach Expectations

All Head and Assistant coaches must be registered as a RYBA coach and complete online concussion training.

A successful Communication Process with parents will help ensure coaches are discussing issues initially before they go to the Director. A desired process will be Coach to Parent, Parent to Coach, Coach to Commissioner,  Commissioner to Director.

§  Communications

o    Have a copy, read and know the Code of Conduct.

o   Have a copy, read, and know the Grade Rules

§  Establish recurring communication with Parents. either Email or phone call

§  RYBA will set up a Team page with your regular season schedule. Coaches may input these.

·        practice schedule.

·         picture date.

·         snack / drink schedule (if your team has one).

·         Your contact information for parents.

·         throughout season, a coach of the games played, are required to input the game's final score.

§  Communicate player involvement.

·         K - 3 players must rotate defensive positions each inning.

·         4th - 8th players must play four innings defense.

§  Assistant Coaches.

o    Gather two or three parents to help run drills on practice dates.

o    If needed your commissioner can help establish drills.

o    Only players and registered coaches can be in dugout.

§  Practices / player development.

o    Establish recurring practices.

§  Preseason; suggest 5:30-7pm at least twice a week after school on days that your team will be playing.

§  During season; on game day, start warm up and practice 1 hour prior to game start at your game field.

§  During season; suggest one additional practice.

·         5:30-7pm on Friday or on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon.

o    Discover where players want to play, provide them an opportunity.

o    Limit amount of walks/hit batters to maximum 4 per inning.