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Tax-Deductible Donations to RYBA

Donations to RYBA, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

Let’s make sure every kid has a chance to participate in the game! RYBA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!  Please consider making a donation to RYBA to help fund those with financial need and the college scholarships provided by RYBA. The chance to play baseball is what RYBA is all about and we want to ensure we provide every opportunity without hurdles for participants.  Donations will help offset the financial assistance that we’ve offered for many years without additional registration fee increases across the board. The registration form has a box to select and specify an amount.

Reasons for giving

If your donation to RYBA is "in honor of" or  "in memory of" please email Mike Gozola Jr. ( and we will include on this page.

You may give either through Paypal, Credit Card (via Paypal link), or by sending a check to our post office box.

Donate via PayPal

Donate via U.S. Mail

Send a check payable to RYBA to 

Rochester Youth Baseball
P.O. Box 6631
Rochester, MN 55903

The law requires us to disclose the following information to you about your donation. The official name of our organization is Rochester Youth Baseball Association (RYBA) located in Rochester, MN.   Note you are receiving nothing in return for your donation.  Donations will be used towards player fees for those that can not afford to play baseball.  No professional oranization is being used to solicit funds.

Will Canan Memorial Donations

Will Canan played baseball with RYBA and everyone knew he had a great love of the game. RYBA will remember Will most for his character and leading by example with how the game should be played. Based on this character, he was recognized by RYBA as the 2010 Player of the Year.

Donations to RYBA that have been given in memory of Will

  • The Locke Family
  • The Lawfirm of Bird, Jacobsen & Stevens (Andrea Niesen)
  • Jim Salutz and Margaret Brandl
  • Eric and Theresa Hanson
  • Michael and Arwen Gustafson
  • Craig and Linda Vonch
  • Matrix Meetings, Inc.
  • Roger and Charyne Bruns
  • Joe Levy
  • John and Sue Santosuosso
  • Jeff and Mary Palm
  • Robin Goldsworthy
  • Paul and Cathi Dallman
  • Alvin Southwick and Alice Larson
  • Mary Ann and Steven Younguist
  • Brett and Martha McCabe
  • Eric and Jennifer Woodford
  • Karel Weigel
  • Hall, Levy, Devore, Bell, Ott & Kritz, P.A. Attorneys at Law
  • K.O. and Carolyn Dixon
  • James and Bridget Statz
  • Mark and Melinda Klinger

Hunter Biermeier Memorial Donations

Hunter Biermeier was a member of the 2011 Rochester 12AA Traveling Baseball Lions team. He was well knowing for enjoying life, loving sports/baseball, and supporting teammates.

Donations to RYBA given in memory of Hunter:

  • Michael and Mary Therese Regner
  • Michael and Linda Hundere
  • Karen Pehler
  • Chris and Jill Bohl
  • James and Janice Quinn
  • Erik and Susan Lundquist
  • Eric and Jennifer Woodford
  • Michelle Pogvara
  • Deb and Anthony Stai
  • Jennifer and Richard Hurt
  • Michael and Teresa Zander
  • Lamont and Lois Gilbertson
  • Michael and Teresa Chapman
  • Thomas and Susan Turner
  • Richard and Jean Mades
  • Jon and Michelle East
  • MJ and Jody Thompson
  • Mike and Stacy McArdle
  • Alice Ryba
  • Leonard and Kimberly Bryan
  • Cynthia and Patrick Karls
  • Leonard and Corrine Astrup
  • Craig Brown Family
  • Brian and Sheryl Furlano
  • Mane Street Impressions (Ilene Lammers)
  • Dawn and Tracy Macken
  • Richard and Mary Hurt
  • Jeffrey and Mary Quandt
  • Myrt Wicklund
  • Marie Loeffler
  • L.A. Falada
  • Gary and Marles Overgard
  • Paul and Patricia Drucker


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