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2020 House Committee

Mike Vance

2020 House Co-Director (Grades K-3)

Committee Members

Brent Jacobs        Brett Vandersnick        Jeremy Deetz       Josh Rhoades        Mike Burman       
John Howard Carroll        Matt Markland        Dan Berkland        Josh Conley        Dustin Draeger

Player and Coach Development SubCommittee

Brent Jacobs        Dan Berkland        Josh Conley

Meeting Dates

The RYBA House Committee meets on the first Sunday of the month at 7pm at Centerstone hotel.  2020 House Committee meeting dates are:

November 3rd
December 1st
January 5th
January 26th
February 9th (moved back from the 2nd because of the Super Bowl)
March 1st
April 5th  

House Committee Meeting Agendas

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