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RYBA Spring-Summer Baseball League

Registration for 2017 now OPEN

2017 Spring/Summer Baseball Registration now OPEN


This pdf file contains general RYBA information about all of our programs including Season Tryout dates, Start/End dates, team photo dates, Year-End Tournament dates and high level info about the traveling program.


House League Openings
8th/9th Grade Roster Spots remain
6th/7th Grade Roster Spots remain
4th/5th Grade Roster Spots remain
3rd Grade Roster Spots remain
2nd Grade Roster Spots remain
1st Grade Roster Spots remain
Kinderball Roster Spots remain

Forget where to mail your Offline Registration payment to?

Offline payments please mail a copy of your online registration confirmation along with a check payable to "RYBA" to the following addess:

    PO Box 6631
    Rochester, MN 55903

What night would my child play for the house league?


  • Kinderball, 2nd Grade
  • 4th/5th Minors
  • 6th/7th Majors
  • 8th/9th Majors


  • 1st Grade, 3rd Grade
  • 4th/5th Majors
  • 6th/7th Minors
  • 8th/9th Minors

Traveling - Coaches select practice and tournament schedules

* Note that reschedules and other evenings such as Fridays and Sundays may be used based on other variables such as games at the RBC complex and number of teams per league.

RYBA Player fees

Grades K -3 : $90. No refunds for K-3 after May 1, 2014. Requests for refunds for Grades K-3 received prior to May 1, 2014 may be considered and if approved by the RYBA treasurer will be reduced by a $10 processing fee.

Grades 4-8 : $130 which includes a $10 Park & Rec fee.  No refunds for Grades 4-8 also after April 1, 2014. Requests for refunds for Grades 4-8 received prior to April 1, 2014 may be considered and if approved by the RYBA treasurer will be reduced by a $10 processing fee.

** $360 Maximum registration family fee.  This is an optional Family Maximum for those with multiple children in the RYBA program that would like some financial assistance.


Additional costs are associated with RYBA traveling for players that make these programs at the following levels. Note that the fees are in addition to the initial RYBA registration fee and range from $90 - $220 (See newsletter for detailed info) are will be collected once assigned and Traveling Teams are formed.

There are no fundraiser cards this year.

How are the House Majors and Minors teams formed?

Majors teams are selected within a tryout region by draft and independent of school or geographic region.
Minors teams are selected from within a tryout region and we attempt to place by school and/or geographic region for those that attended majors tryouts. Those that did not attend majors tryouts are placed to fill roster spots on teams.  We encourage all players to attend majors tryout evaluations to best ensure parity across our program.

When and where are tryouts for the House (Majors/Minors) program?

Tryouts are held starting the week of April 13th. 

For all the house league and tryouts details go to our House tab the select Tryouts.


Financial Assistance

Players on free and/or reduced lunch (FRL) may be eligible for partial finanical assistance.  If you may require this assistance, please contact Brant Goetz with the subject line of  FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. you will need to submit the FRL information and if qualify will be proviced with information to register online.  Deadline for inquiries is May 1st.

What time are the games?

For grades K-3 games are at 6:00 pm during the week nights assigned. There are no other practice nights assigned for the team. As kids get older, coaches will work in a practice occasionally into the schedule.  For games, players will arrive anywhere from 30-60 minutes early.

For grades 4-8 games are typically at 5:45 pm during the week nights assigned but occasionally games at the RBC complex will be schedule under the lights at 8:00 pm. Coaches will work in an optional practice occasionally into the schedule during the week or on the weekend.  For games, players will arrive anywhere from 30-60 minutes early.

Traveling program times are set by the coach and the leagues they participate in. See the traveling pages for more information.

Who is eligible to play?

 All boys and girls that are CURRENTLY in Grades K through 8 are eligible to play in the Rochester House League.  Players interested in traveling should see the elgibility requirements within the traveling program


Try our Q&A (Questions and Answers) section. It has an excellent list of the most common questions. We will continue to build upon it as we see trends in the type of information we are missing!

Looking for contacts?

For general board contact information, see our CONTACTs link.